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    2. HaKusan Machinery (WuXi) Co.,Ltd established in 2003 by HuKusan Kiko Co., Ltd of Japan,is the professional enterprise for manufacturing chip conveying equipment,filtering & purification equipment and cooling systems.
      The company offers various types of chip conveying equipment,filtering & purification equipment and cooling oil pressure equipment,which used for machine tools,military equipment,navigation area,combustion engine and automobile,mould etc in various industrial manufacturing area.Based on the world leading technologies,advanced management and experienced precision manufacturing,the company offers products with best cost performance for customers.   
      Concentrated chip conveying system for the integrated set of coolant device for automobile menufacturing coolant device for grinding & cutting disc coolant device for large size cleaning machine Collecting treat system of coolant by pump Magnetic Separator Cyclonic Separator High precision filtering tank PDⅡ Filtration Scraper Chip Conveyor NWD Filtration Scraper Chip Conveyor PDM Filtering & Back-washing Hinge Plate Type Chip Conveyor Magnetic Scraper Type Chip Conveyor -60S Scraper Type Chip Conveyor 150-I Scraper Type Chip Conveyor 80-I


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